Escape From Soup

The magpie and the rebel frog free the other frogs (and incidentally the trout) from the tyranny of the toad and his love for delicious soup. How many frogs can you find? This was very fun and also challenging – I never had so many characters in one scene before. It was also my first time painting 3D objects.

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Freedom From Soup – Clay Render

Freedom From Soup Closeup – Toad

Freedom From Soup Closeup – Magpie and Frog Rebel

Freedom From Soup Closeup – Trout

Freedom From Soup Closeup – Frog Chef

Freedom From Soup Closeup – Frog Chef (Cartoon)

Freedom From Soup – Turntable

Freedom From Soup – Evolution Video

Evolution video of the project “Freedom From Soup”. In this video you can see the development of the scene and of the concept – for instance, the toad initially had no cloths, and was actually trying to catch the magpie which just stole its crown. Eventually cloths were added and the magpie was turned around as an attacker. This gave the road a more interesting pose/expression, one of shock, confusion and fear. You can also find the final version and the closeups at the end.

Frog Chef interactive 3D model on Sketchfab

Trout interactice 3D model on Sketchfab